Bar Chart Exercise – Ice Cream Sales

Let’s practice making a bar chart. Your family owns an ice cream truck business. After the first week of opening your business again for the summer you want to understand how many ice creams you are selling each day of the week. This will help you understand how people buy ice cream at the beginngContinue reading “Bar Chart Exercise – Ice Cream Sales”

Data for Kids – The Pie Chart

Let’s learn about pie chart Pie charts look like… pies…. or pizzas. They are circles and show data (our facts and numbers) as part of this circle. The different size of each part is equal to the value of our facts and numbers. Pie charts are very popular and are used often in presentations. We have severalContinue reading “Data for Kids – The Pie Chart”

Data for Kids – The Line Chart

Let’s learn about the line chart A line chart or a line graph shows data, (our facts and numbers), with a line.  Line charts are most often used to show trends. Trend data shows us how certain numbers have changed over time. For example during a day, within a week, a month, a year.  We canContinue reading “Data for Kids – The Line Chart”

Data for Kids – The Bar Chart

Let’s learn about the bar chart A bar chart or a bar graph shows data (our facts and numbers) with rectangular bars.  Bars heights or lengths are equal to the facts and numbers that they show.  Bar charts can be designed vertically or horizontally.  A vertical bar chart is sometimes called a column chart. CheckContinue reading “Data for Kids – The Bar Chart”

Data for Kids – What is Data and Data Visualization

Let’s learn about data Data is facts or information.  These facts are collected by observing, asking questions, or taking measurements.  Facts often describe different persons, objects or categories. Data is often organized in a table. These tables include facts, numbers or measurements. Data helps us learn about our world, our communities and ourselves. What isContinue reading “Data for Kids – What is Data and Data Visualization”

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