Data for Kids – What is Data and Data Visualization

Let’s learn about data

Data is facts or information. 

These facts are collected by observing, asking questions, or taking measurements. 

Facts often describe different persons, objects or categories.

Data is often organized in a table. These tables include facts, numbers or measurements.

Data helps us learn about our world, our communities and ourselves.

What is data visualization

Data visualization is the process of turning a table with data into a chart or graph. 

Charts, or also called graphs, are data visualizations.

This makes the understanding of data easier. 

Charts have several different elements that represent the facts and information from our data.

Now can you think of what facts and information you can collect in your neighborhood to help you learn about your community?

Published by Stela

I find data out-of-sights, one beautiful bar chart at a time! I also like to tell stories with data that inform and inspire!

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